Jobseeker App is recruitment platform with social media format that simplifies the process for job seekers especially non-white-collar workers in Indonesia to get a job that suits their skills and experience in no time.

Providing Millions of Opportunities

Jobseeker App provides and recommends thousands of the best jobs available for candidates based on their location. It connects candidates to millions of possibilities and opportunities that can change their lives for the better.


Swipe away without limits until you uncover the perfect job tailored to your preferences. Just like you swipe through your dating apps!


Increase your chances of being hired by applying to the job, make the first move with a brief video resume.

Get Hired

Once your profile piques the employer's interest, it's time to chat and get offered the job, not just apply for it.

Why Jobseeker App?
Express with Video Resume
Express your personality and skill more deeply through the video resume feature, getting you closer to your dream job.
Social Recruitment Platform
Exploring our app is as easy as surfing social media. Enjoy a job search experience as easy as swipe, apply, and get hired.
Location Based Vacancy
The ease of finding the best job from the nearest location, is more efficient and increases the chance of your application being accepted.

Find Your Dream Job

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